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I make it for you

Whether you're promoting services, a new product, or need an informational site for your organization, your website will be your most public face. No website or even a poorly designed website will be a turn off to prospective clients, a problem im here to solve.

I will discuss your specific business and needs to develop a site which is not just modern and responsive, but promotes your business even when you can't.

New Business?

I create custom-made logos for an affordable price with truly professional results. I focus on working closely with my clients to make sure we create the perfect logo and branding for your business.

I work in stages to make sure you are involved throughout my design process. Your logo is important to me and I listen, research, design and ensure that your logo is perfect for your business.

Support To All Customers

With the greatest support available you will never have to worry about fixing errors which may occur with your website.

Every new web design will get a full year of support which can be anything from website updates, new pages, or even a simple question. No matter what you need I will always be able to assist you.

Get your website online

To see your website on the web it must be hosted online. Hargreaves web design provides premium hosting to every customer if it's needed.

Don't worry if you already have hosting which you already use, your new design can be uploaded to this host. If you wish to transfer over to my premium hosting service then this can be solved.

Your name is key!

A domain name is the URL you will point people to when telling them about your new website. Each package I provide will come with a domain name, if you have already purchased your domain this is not a problem and it can still be used with your new website.

Choosing the right domain name can be hard. With my knowledge I can point you in the right direction to choose a domain which suits your business.

No more blurry images

Ever visited a website where the images appear blurry and extremely hard to see? It's a massive turn off and may invite visitors to leave your page within the first few minutes of bring there.

I can come to your business and take high quality images to put onto your new website, giving the best experience for the visitor of your website.

Take some control

If you want control of your website, to have the ability to edit pages whenever you require, then choosing the 'professional' package is the one for your website.

The 'professional' package comes with a wordpress installation. Wordpress allows you to edit your pages whenever you wish whilst also giving you the ability to add new pages once you come familiar with the way it works.

Start selling

Is your business ready to move to the next level? Why not start with a simple online store to make more use of your website.

With the 'business' package you can get a simple to use store installed on your website to allow your customers easier access of your products/services. The store is easy to manage and looks neat and professional.

Lets be professional

When you purchase hosting with Hargreaves Web Design, you will automatically get a personal email. This allows you to get rid of your old 'hotmail & gmail' inboxes and move to a professional business one like ''.

Don't worry if you dont want a personal email this is an optional feature. If you wish to have a 'domain' email but still use your current email, it can be set up so that any emails sent to '' will go automatically to your prefered email inbox.

About Me

My name is Daniel Hargreaves, I am 21 years old and have over 5 years experience with producing a clean looking website. I always put great pride in every project, using my full potential to achieve the best results. I am located in Colne, Lancashire!







If you're unsure on my skills and if i can provide other services, dont hesitate to contact me.

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